"Personal injury damages compensation and biomechanics.
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"Le Guide Barème Européen d'évaluation médicale des atteintes à l'intégrité physique et psychique" est paru aux éditions ANTHEMIS






“CEREDOC” is a French acronym which stands for “ – European Confederation of Medical Experts in the Assessment and Compensation of Physical Injury”. It brings together the national associations of Medical Experts who work in the judicial and insurance fields of some European Member States. The Confederation includes, at the moment, the most representative associations of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, and has important points of reference in Germany and Switzerland.

Besides doctors, the Confederation can also count on the contribution of jurists, judges and magistrates, lawyers and important insurance company executives.

The aim of Ceredoc is the development of a common European culture in the field of insurance medicine. The Confederation has the conviction that the problematic issues relative to compensation for injuries suffered in road accidents and in other judicial sectors of civil or penal responsibility can and must find adequate technical solutions that are common to all European Member States.

Ceredoc did recently end the drafting of a European medical scale – “European Barème for the assessment of physical and psychic damage”. A European Barème based on commonly shared principles.
This project began to be worked out in 1998 and was first presented during the I Trier Conference in June 2000, with the support of Mr Willie Rothley MEP, Vice-President of the Justice Commission of the European Parliament. The final project was officially launched during the last Trier Conference, Trier 4, on 27-28 November 2003.

Another project of Ceredoc is to constitute a medical expert’s report based on common criteria for all European Member States.

Ceredoc is open to collaboration with all Associations, not only European, which have similar aims and are interested in a reciprocal exchange of experiences.